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At TravelerFun we believe that all travel should be fun! Use this site to connect to the best travel destinations across the United States and find great family vacation ideas, road trip hot spots, free travel information, and download or order free travel visitors guides.

We connect you to the top US vacation spots across the country. Simply browse through our website and choose from fun vacation destinations across the United States that you would like to visit. Whether you plan on flying or taking a road trip, planning your next family trip couldn’t be any easier!

Each vacation spot on TravelerFun has a variety of pictures, videos and lists of attractions. Of course, you can always find links to each destination’s website to find out even more about these fun vacation spots.

Start your search by clicking on a state that you are interested in visiting. From there you can find information about a variety of affordable vacation spots in the US, each with unique, fun activities for your trip. As you search, be sure to select the free visitors guides you are interested in, these can be sent to you via email or mail.

While you are searching be sure to visit the attractions tabs on each of the great vacation spots pages. There you will find vibrant photos, even more information, and a link to the attraction’s website. This will help you plan fun and affordable family vacations that everyone can enjoy!

Each destination has a spot for you to leave your comments and rate your experience there. After you visit one of the great destinations on the site, be sure to come back, rate it and tell other visitors about your vacation!

After you have visited one of our featured vacation spots and are ready for another affordable, family fun vacation come back to TravelerFun and check out related destinations. Every vacation spot features a page of similar destinations so you know if you enjoyed one destination there’s other ones similar where you can go and recreate all of the fun from your first trip!

Whether you are planning a family trip, looking for great outdoors activities, want to spend some time exploring the city shopping and dining out, or want to get away to an amazing resort, you will find your kind of fun destinations on Travelerfun! The vacation spots and ideas you find here offer a variety of activities from golfing trips, to history tours, water fun, outdoor adventures, full family vacations, and much more at affordable prices.

Be sure to check out the “things to do” tab for great US vacation ideas to some of the best spots around the country. You can search by Family, Outdoors, Golf, Food & Drink, History, Shopping, and Water. Your vacation will be fun filled!

Don’t forget to follow the TraverlFun travel blog as well to hear about the fun vacations our travel bloggers are taking. They’re always finding a new way to have some fun!  You can find their adventures under the “blog” tab. Be sure to check back frequently, Travel blogs are updated every week!

On TravelerFun you can find all the fun events at the best US vacation spots in one place. You can use this as a tool to discover all the great events happening across the United States. Many of the events are free so you can plan around them to ensure that you have the most fun on your affordable family vacation! If you are having a hard time finding vacation ideas, you can find them on the “events” page.

For even more free vacation planning ideas, tips, and information be sure to follow Traveler Fun on Twitter and Pinterest @TravelerFun or like us on Facebook! You can easily reach the staff on social media or connect with us on the contact page.

Don’t forget to download our free travel brochures for the best vacation ideas in the US, along with places to visit and great things to do while you are there!

Remember, travel should always be fun! Now let’s get to planning that vacation!

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