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At TravelerFun we believe that all travel should be fun! Use our site as your online trip advisor to connect to the best travel destinations across the United States; find great family vacation ideas, road trip hot spots, free travel information, and download or order free travel visitors guides.

Vacation planning has never been easier! Simply browse through our destination pages to view your next adventure; filter by specified state or click on “Things To Do” to view by category. Each vacation spot on TravelerFun has a variety of pictures, videos and lists of attractions. You can always find links to each destination’s website, to find out even more about these fun vacation spots.

For even more free vacation planning ideas, tips, and information be sure to follow TravelerFun on Twitter and Pinterest @TravelerFun or like us on Facebook! You can easily reach the staff on social media or connect with us on the contact page.

Don’t forget to download our free travel brochures for the best vacation ideas in the U.S., along with places to visit and great things to do while you are there!

Remember, travel should always be fun! Now let’s get to planning that vacation!

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